Taking On the Sneakiest of Culprits — Leaks

Concrete Tiled Roof

Solving Life's Mysteries

Finding the leak can be the hardest part of fixing your roof. In the picture above, the drain pipe helped channel rainwater up and under the siding. Cases like this can make finding the spot where problem moisture enters your home challenging. The problem is compounded as water often enters the roof in one place, then runs across to another before it starts soaking into your walls or ceiling — and ruining your property value.

Sometimes the problem is obvious, as in the picture on the right. Here moss had been allowed to thrive, weakening the shingles.

You know the roof is bad when shingles are missing or obviously damaged, or when water stains the ceiling or walls. Unfortunately, you need to find that leak before the entire roof goes bad.

We're good at tracking down the sources of leaks. Once found, we'll provide a solution that works. If water is infiltrating your house, give us call. We'll get that annoying drip back where it belongs, outside.