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Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles are not just the most economical and so the most common roofing material used for residential roofing. They can have unique styles and colors, as you can see from the sample of IKO shingles on the left. We install both organic and fiberglass-reinforced shingles. From basic three-tab:
To laminated architectural shingles:

The life span of an asphalt-shingle roof is somewhere between 15 and 30 years. Some believe the heavier the shingle, the longer it will last, but differences are mainly due to quality of materials, the installation, and the local climate.

Made from petroleum, asphalt contains oils that make asphalt shingles easy to work with and effective at protecting your roof and home. As time goes on, these oils come to the surface and are weathered away by the elements. It's this weathering process that ages shingles.

The Anatomy of an Asphalt Shingle

1. Reinforcement: Asphalt shingles start out either with an asphalt-embedded fiberglass mat, or if they are 'organic', one of cellulose. This provides the structural base of the shingle, to which the other raw materials (asphalt and granules) are applied. In order for asphalt shingles to provide protection, the reinforcement must resist tearing, warping and shrinkage when applied on a stable, well-ventilated roof.

2. Asphalt: During shingle manufacturing, the reinforcement is coated with asphalt to provide the water-resistant layer that protects your roof from the elements. The thickness of this layer of asphalt determines the weight of the shingle.

3. Granules: A layer of granules is pressed into the surface of the asphalt. The granules protect the layer of asphalt from the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Without this layer of protection, the asphalt layer would quickly deteriorate.

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We train our own people to make sure they use the best practices that ensure your roof lasts the longest possible time. So that you enjoy the best warranty coverage, we only use the most reliable brands. You can visit some of their sites by clicking on the icons below.

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