Preserving Roofing by Clearing Gutters

Concrete Tiled Roof

Seasonal Necessities

Cleaning out gutter debris is a dirty job — but somebody has to do it. We don't mind. As simple as cleaning out rain gutters can be, we don't slack on doing the job right. We know it gives us a chance to make sure your roof stays healthy, and to advise on repairs if it isn't.

If it eases your conscience, remember that our staff are trained in roof safety — we'll not just save you from falling, we'll also protect your roof and gutters. We won't accidentally bang that heavy ladder straight into your gutter and dent it, something a few home handymen have done.

Quality Work

Every gutter job we do, we bag the leaves so they don't land all over your beautiful landscaping, deck or patio. We also haul the bags with us so you don't have to worry about them. And yes, your downspouts will be flushed and we'll make sure they are running free.

We're hoping that doing this dirty job well will help you remember Olympic Roofing. We want you to feel that the most important step you can take for a happier roof is to call 604 552 4743 any time roof work needs doing.